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Never Ending Saga (Quantum Mix)


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  1. Never Ending Saga Lyrics: Yeah ain't nuttin sweet in these streets / Everyday it's a never-ending saga / - 2X / It's a never-ending saga, the drama, the block's hotter than lava / .
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  4. 'Midnight Sun': As the fifth Twilight book is published today, here's the rest of the saga you need to re-read. As Stephenie Meyer releases her latest novel, we take a look at the bestselling series.
  5. Nov 11,  · This is a music vid I made for Blue when I first met her. The song is the theme to never ending story remixed, and the videos are once aain mixed. I find that I can find better fitting clips to fit the music by using different animes. But I will work on a vid deticated to one specific anime some day. Hope ya'll enjoy.
  6. Dec 12,  · With Star Wars: The Force Awakens about to open in cinemas check out this hilarious bloopers mix where you get a look at the less serious side of the actors from the famous franchise Bloopers and Gags from: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Episode II - Attack of the Clones Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Episode IV - A New Hope.
  7. Everyday it's a never-ending saga [Chorus x2: Guru] It's a never-ending saga, the drama, the block's hotter than lava See the stress in the eyes of my mama She don't wanna hear about me gettin put in a cage Still I keep so much heat, have you shook and amazed [Guru] It's like this everyday hustle got me stifled.

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