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  1. 4 synonyms of sometimes from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 11 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for sometimes. Sometimes: on some occasions.
  2. sometimes now and then, at times: Sometimes I prefer the beach in the winter. Not to be confused with: some time – a little time; a short while: I need some time away from my business. sometime – at an unstated or indefinite time: Come up and see me sometime. some·times (sŭm′tīmz′) adv. 1. At times; now and then. 2. Obsolete At some previous.
  3. Apr 17,  · Sometimes Always Never (Triple Word Score) Critics Consensus. Like the grieving Scrabble enthusiast at the heart of its unique story, Sometimes Always Never scores high enough to be well worth a play%(91).
  4. Aug 27,  · "Sometimes" is actually a compound of the words "some" and "time," but it has a very different meaning and use than its two-word cousin. Remember that used as one word, "sometimes" means occasionally or now and then. So, to use the term, you could say.
  5. "Sometimes" is a song by British synthpop duo Erasure, released in October as their fourth single overall. After three commercial flops from their debut album Wonderland, "Sometimes" became Erasure's first bona fide hit, peaking at number one in South Africa, number two in their native United Kingdom and in Germany, and becoming a huge international canerewtolotisalilcoumyshellchen.coinfo: Synthpop, new wave.
  6. May 20,  · Sometimes is a super resource for discussing the issues around disability, illness & hospital visits from the perspective of the patient & their siblings. It is also simply a beautiful picturebook full of warmth & love which any small child will enjoy!5/5(24).
  7. Sometimes Lyrics: Sometimes, sometimes, sometime / Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes / Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes, uh / I wanna be by my lonely / .
  8. Sometimes is a one-word adverb that means “occasionally” or “now and then.” Sometimes I just don’t understand what that man is saying. English grammar sometimes follows its own rules, and sometimes it doesn’t. Everybody hurts sometimes.

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