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  1. Biostatistics is one of the fundamental specializations in the science and practice of public health, relating statistical information to concrete health issues -- especially those affecting human populations.
  2. Very simply, biostatistics is the statistical analysis of health related data. We study how data from clinical trials and population studies impact human and public health. Students who concentrate in biostatistics are interested in how data, population studies, and health intersect.
  3. Biostatistics now has an Impact Factor of , ranking 9/ in the Statistics & Probability category. Explore a selection of the most recent highly cited articles contributing to the success of the journal, freely available to read online.
  4. Biostatistics is a science that addresses theory and techniques for describing, analyzing, and interpreting health data. The discipline is primarily focused on applications to problems in the health, medical, and biological sciences. The MPH with a concentration in biostatistics is a credit professional degree that prepares graduates to work.
  5. Biostatistics develops the theoretical and statistical methods used to analyze complex survey data and support evidence-based decision-making in public health and biomedical disciplines.
  6. Elizabeth Stuart has been named as the recipient of the Rod Little Lectureship award, offered by the University of Michigan Dept. of Biostatistics. This biennial award recognizes outstanding contributions to Biostatistics in honor of Rod Little. Congratulations Liz! Learn More.
  7. Biostatistics is the application of statistical principles to questions and problems in medicine, public health or biology.
  8. Definition of biostatistics: statistical processes and methods applied to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of biological data and especially data relating to human biology, health, and medicine Other Words from biostatistics Example Sentences Learn More about biostatistics .

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