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Down The Ages


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  1. Mar 31,  · How Judaism Handled Epidemics Down the Ages. Scientific observation gradually prevailed over the belief that outbreaks stemmed from God’s .
  2. Down the ages t h er e has been a steady [ ] progression of the evolving human consciousness, and a steady growth of awareness of nature, of the world in which we live, and an increasing grasp of the .
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  4. Mar 11,  · As human civilizations rose, these pandemic diseases, from the bubonic plague to smallpox to influenza, struck them down.
  5. Jul 11,  · Although in some languages the Middle Ages are labeled in the singular (it's le moyen age in French and das mittlere Alter in German), it is difficult to think of the era as anything other than ages plural. This is in part because of the numerous subjects encompassed by this long period of time, and in part because of the chronological sub-eras within the era.
  6. Throughout the ages synonyms and Throughout the ages antonyms. Top synonym for throughout the ages (another word for throughout the ages) is over centuries. down the ages. phr. across the ages. phr. over many centuries. phr. all eras. phr. all periods. phr. over the ages. phr. across the centuries. phr. every age. phr. for many centuries.
  7. for the ages That will stand the test of time; that will be remembered or regarded for years to come. His epic novel is truly one for the ages, as it explores the human .
  8. Down eons and ages Have proclaimed seers and sages That truth and righteousness Pays rich dividend and wages. Of course this is a heady message An old sparkling vintage, A wisdom that we all subscribe to Understand, accept and appreciate. Yet why do human mind often stray And choose wrong means and ways To advance his self-centered ends5/5.

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